Why Choose Us?

At GoodWill, we select and retain our associates on two simple principles:

Internal Audits
Guest Feedback

The Goodwill team audits all its associate properties
as per a well defined audit schedule. Our audits are
not restricted to a one time,beginning process only.
They are spaced over different repeated periods,
and requirements, such that we are never in dark.

But, we give only part weightage to our own audit scores.

Half weightage is given to the feedback from guests.We feel that
it is extremely important to hear out our guests.They are the real
auditors, especially for service quality.

We believe in publishing both the scores, of Audits and Feedback,such that the
Guests are not in dark.

While these sound simple, the trick is in religiously following our above defined
systems. And that is what we work hard on, such that our guests have a good
stay with all our well appointed associates.

A Goodwill property audit is divided into 2 parts, the Tangibles and the Auditor’s Perception.

While the Tangibles include points like cleanliness, hygiene, minimum service requirementsetc.
that can be largely quantified, the Auditor’s perceptions are more qualitative, but documented   
in the best quantitative manner possible, so as to place a property in the right category.               

We place every property on a different scale. For instance, a Guest house will be placed with   
other Guest houses, while a designated hotel will be placed with its peers. A large hotel of say
100 rooms will be compared to its likes only, and not with the more humble properties of say  
25 rooms.                                                                                                                                                                 

Depending on the scale of property we are offering, our audit requirements may vary slightly.
None the less, the necessities in the tangible Audit like clean rooms, courteous staff, fresh and
healthy food, good hygiene etc. stay the same and uncompromised. Our primary focus lies on
these basic requirements.                                                                                                                                  

Within its scale, a property (different room types within a property) is assigned a category
(A, B, C, D and so on) based on Auditor’s perceptions. Higher letter means better property in
all aspects.Category B will be better than category A, while category C will be better than B.  
These are usually linked to the Auditor’s understanding of the following aspects:                      

  • • Infrastructure and Finesse

    • Expected Service Quality in a

    • Price parity as felt by the auditor.

A property must pass the minimum level in the detailed Tangible Audit, before it is appropriately
placed in the Auditor’s perception list to fit it in the right category. Once both results are                 
satisfactorily achieved, the property is used as an Associate Vendor by Goodwill.                                 

Thereafter, regular feedback and further scheduled audits are used to upgrade scores and provide
good customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.