Did You Know?

Which properties are listed with ‘Goodwill’?

Goodwill lists only those properties for its clients, that pass the Goodwill audit system.
A minimum set score must be passed by any property in infrastructure, systems, services, food
Apart from this, the property must also pass the minimum requirement in feedback from its
exclusive Goodwill guests.

What are the key parameters that ‘Goodwill’ checks for its guests?

The key parameters that Goodwill tries to verify for its guests include:

* Infrastructure, Ambiance and Safety parameters

* All round Cleanliness

* Food and back end systems related to it.

* Soft services including staff, attention to guests etc.

How often are the property audits conducted?

Goodwill team audits different properties at different intervals. Based on the their strengths, previous audit scores and feedback the frequency is decided.

But, the maximum audit frequency is at 12 months.

For what past duration are the Feedback scores considered?

Goodwill considers the average feedback collected for a property in the last 12 months only.

Feedback scores older than that are not used for giving latest score.

Is it possible that audit and feedback scores differ significantly?

While the Goodwill audit team does its job well, Services are best judged by guests, than the audit team. Though Goodwill team tries its best to audit every aspect in detail, services are best experienced only on staying. Hence, feedback from Goodwill guests is very important.

There is always some chance of difference in audit score and feedback. Hence, we give equal importance to both aspects.

What if audit scores were ok, but feedback scores are not?

If average feedback scores are below mark, Goodwill team temporarily delists a property from its vendor list, for a period of 15 days for the first time. A more stringent re-audit and counselling is done before listing the property again. If this happens a second time, the delisting is done for 30 days. There is no third chance given.